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How to Prepare Your Piano for Moving

If you move down the street or to another country, moving your piano is one of the most stressful and worrisome parts of moving. Not only are pianos expensive, but they frequently have a lot of sentimental value. Despite their large size, they can be quite fragile.

However, there are things you can do to ensure your piano’s safety before the movers ever show up at your door. While there are three main types of piano (spinet, upright, and grand), the steps for preparing them are basically the same.

Prepare the Way

Be sure to clear all furniture, boxes, children’s toys and such from the piano to the exit. There should be a clear, safe path for the movers all the way to the truck. This is especially important because your piano will be moved first, as it’s best to place it against the back wall of the moving van for stability.

It’s also helpful to measure your doorways beforehand so you can remove doors if needed.

Clear the Piano

Before your piano can be moved, it needs to be clear of any decorations or accessories. Pack the piano bench or stool separately and remove any sheet music. Basically, the piano should be moved as just the piano without any accoutrements, so pack everything else away.

Catalogue Dings & Scratches

Just in case, look over and catalogue existing scratches and dings. Familiarize yourself with your piano’s pre-moving condition. This will keep both you and your movers from worrying about damage after moving.

Lock & Wrap

To protect the piano's delicate keys and inner mechanisms, be sure to close and lock the keyboard lid and the top lid. It’s always wise to wrap your piano in a blanket or two before moving to prevent damage to the piano or walls. Don’t use tape directly on your piano to close lids or secure the blankets because it will ruin the wood finish.

Tell Your Movers

Make sure your movers know you plan on moving a piano. You should also tell them the piano's size and type so they can estimate the size and weight. For example, a grand piano is very heavy and will require more work and equipment than a three foot tall spinet piano. Making sure your movers are adequately prepared will make a world of difference in the safety of your piano and your movers.

When you get to your new home, your piano might have detuned during the move. This is common and natural. Plan on having it tuned when you are finished unpacking.

There you have it: all the things you need to do to protect you piano for a stress-free move. When you need to move your piano, prepare it adequately and call Calgary Alberta Movers for a worry-free moving experience.