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About Our Moving Company

Here are a few more reasons clients choose our services:
  • All relocations are secure, reliable and professional from start to finish.
  • Our family-owned and -operated company always puts you first.
  • Professional movers make packing, loading and unloading hassle-free.
  • Our trucks are always clean and in prime condition for every move.
  • Our storage services make it easier to move in stages, remodel or downsize.
  • No move is too difficult for us, no matter the circumstances or distance.

  • With any moving company in Canada, it’s the skills of the movers themselves that matter most. That’s another area where we excel. Get to know our team and see how our movers go any distance for you.

    Get Great Service for Local, Long Distance, International or USA Move

    We complete local moves, long distance moves and challenging USA moves. We have a wealth of experience across Canada, city-to-city and over the border.
    What’s more, you can expect the same professional Canadian moving services in all our household, residential or commercial/office relocations. We treat you well, no matter the distance or difficulty!

    Why to choose our Moving Services?

    Here are a few more reasons clients choose our services:

  • We ship large items like pianos, automobiles and motorcycles with ease (ask about additional costs).
  • We move your large-screen TV or appliances safely.
  • You can expect free, basic insurance on every move (customizable with additional insurance options).
  • Get the storage you need for partial moves, downsizing, remodelling or for other purposes.
  • We include all loading and unloading services within the base cost of your move.
  • Whether you’re going through a business/commercial relocation or a complicated USA move, our moving services in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Victoria are here for you. Find out why we’re a top moving company in Canada. Give us a call at 1-800-599-2622 to get a free quote today. Professional movers make packing, loading and unloading hassle-free
    Professional movers make packing, loading and unloading hassle-free| Local movers in Vancouver | International moving in Vancouver | long-distance mover in Vancouver

    Contact BC Alberta Movers

    Phone: 604-591-3515
    Toll Free: 1-800-599-2622
    Fax: 1-888-812-2653


    Nothing Short or Exceptional

    I wanted to say thank you for what I think has been the most stress free move I have ever had...More
    - Greg