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Tips for Finding a Job in Your New City

Trying to find a job in a new city can feel as overwhelming as a trip to the grocery store before a big winter storm. Everyone’s after the same basic products - bottled water, flashlights, food. Sometimes the store runs out of these products during a rush, and you might have to settle for matches instead of a flashlight, or filling empty jugs with water instead of buying new bottles.

Similarly, in the job market there is a great demand for the best jobs, and the competition can be fierce. You may not be able to find the job you’re looking for right away. This doesn't mean you’ll never get it, of course! But it’s much better for both your wallet and your resume to have any job rather than a long period of unemployment.

That being said, you can improve your chances of landing your preferred career without having to settle for an intermediary job. Here are a few ways.

Polish Your Resume
If it’s been a while since you took a good look at your resume, it’s probably time to pull it out and make some updates. Make sure all your information is current, and check online for examples of successful, professional resumes and template ideas.

Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills
Think about how you conducted yourself during past interviews – the ones that netted you job offers. How could you improve upon your methods? Is there job research you can do that would help you be more knowledgeable?

Look at Your Options
Obviously, your ultimate goal is to land a career in your chosen field by doing what you love. If your dream job is not yet available, or you don’t have the proper credentials, what's the next best thing? Look for employment that will help to boost your resume. Barring that, just look for something you would really enjoy doing. It doesn't always have to be in line with your degree.

Volunteer, Intern, or Apprentice?
Experience can be as valuable as a bigger paycheck. Consider looking into volunteer work or an internship for a few years. Building your resume will also build your confidence and help to reassure your future employers that you are a hard worker. You can also build the knowledge and experience so you'll be viewed more positively in the future. Apprenticeships are another great way to gain experience for those lacking a college degree.

Most importantly, keep at it. Don’t get discouraged and stop looking just because you haven’t found a job yet. Remember, any time you’re not applying for that job, there is someone else out there who is. And don’t forget to have fun in your new city!