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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!!!

Happy 150th Happy Birthdays

Summer Moving isn’t always fun. Here are a few pointers to help you survive your summer move in the heat.

Tips for Moving in the Heat

Learn the Tips For Moving in Hot Summers

Well at least we don’t have to worry about snow storms at this time of year. —summer is finally upon us. Because summer is such a popular time to move, and because now is the time when people start planning summer moves, it’s a good idea to get prepared and know what to do when it’s sweltering outside and you have to pack and get things ready for the big day.

First, let’s talk about signs of heat exhaustion. If you suspect someone has heat exhaustion, get them out of the heat and into the shade or air-conditioning immediately. Then, if alert, have them drink cool water or other non-alcoholic/de-caffeinated drinks. Spray them with cool water (shower, water hose, or sponge) and have them lay down and elevate their feet. They should also loosen or remove clothing that may be restrictive. Seek medical attention if the person has a very high, weak pulse rate and rapid shallow breathing; is unconscious, disoriented, has a high temperature; is hyperventilating; or has warm, dry skin.

Tips to avoid Heal Exhaustion While Moving

Signs of heat exhaustion:
• heavy sweating
• rapid, weak heartbeat
• feeling faint
• nausea
• low blood pressure
• cramps
• headache
• fatigue
• low-grade fever
• dark-colored urine
• cool, moist, pale skin
Avoid heat exhaustion with these tips for moving in the heat.