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Tips for Moving in the Fall

Are you moving this fall? Each year the season creeps up on us. We are seeing all the back to school promotions, Halloween, Thanksgiving and everything else that reminds us of Autumn.
Leaves are changing colours, the weather is starting to cool off each day. You are not the only one who is transitioning.
Changing Season in Canada

Fall can be considered the best time of year to move because of…

  • The Mild Temperatures -The air is crisp and clear and is much easier to move in compared to the hot and sticky weather summer brings. You or the movers will no longer be sweating while carrying the furniture and boxes.
  • Moving Prices – We all know that the summer is the busiest time of the year to move. The prices won’t be as high as they are in the summer. We may be more flexible with your move date in the fall, this will allow you to choose the exact time and date of your move. Make sure to book as soon as you can! We usually will have plenty of moving supplies such as used moving boxes and paper ready for you to use. Moving companies are not in high demand as they are in summer season.
  • Traveling – Take advantage of the beautiful scenery fall brings us. All over Canada  there are lots scenic areas with luscious trees and bushes changing colour. Enjoy the scenery while you are onto the next destination…. especially if you are driving yourself long distantly.
While you get yourself prepared to move this fall we came up with a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Have a Clean Walkway As the weather grows crisp, leaves begin to fall and gather on walkways, driveways and stairs. Before moving day, make sure your lawn is raked and all pathways to your home are clear and free of leaves, twigs, stones or any other debris.
Fallen leaves can create a hazard especially when wet and will increase the chance of falls or injuries. You don’t want this to happen to the crew or yourself while moving heavy furniture or boxes.
Keep a broom at the front of the house so either you or the movers can clear the paths before walking through them. Make sure to bring or buy a boom when you have reached the destination of your new home.

2. Transferring Schools. It may be difficult for children to move in the fall season, because they do not want to leave their friends behind and you do not want them to fall behind in their schoolwork. Classes will most likely be different, the teachers will teach differently and your kids may have to catch up with the rest of the class. Prepare your child before moving, talk to their new teacher and ask them to send over new schoolwork and make your kids become familiar with it.

3. Check the weather. The mornings can be cool and the afternoons can be mild. Dress in layers and have rain gear handy. The weather can be unpredictable in the fall. If it does rain make sure your furniture and boxes are protected. You may use tarps and blankets to cover them. If it does rain, make sure to protect your floors. If you have a garage, use it to place furniture in before you move it inside. You can wipe everything down without getting wet.  

4. Time of Move. The earlier the better when you are moving in the fall. Fall does transition into winter quickly and you don’t want to move through a snowstorm. If you do have to reschedule because of weather, please let us know as soon as possible.