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Tips for Moving Your Motorcycle


Plan Motorcycle Shipping During the Move


When you’re making your moving plans, it’s important to plan for motorcycle shipping in Canada. f you’re moving an entire household and your motorcycle is coming along for the ride, a budget-friendly option is to include your bike Safe and Sound inside our moving truck.
So call BC Alberta Movers today and we will what you through how we can protect your prized possession with custom wrapping of your motorcycle and full value insurance.

  • Snap a few photos of your motorcycle. It helps you and our movers be aware of its original condition (include any wear, scratches or dings that are already present).
  • Check your fluids, air pressure and battery charge. If the motorcycle is leaking anything, fix the problem before shipping.
  • Keep the gas tank low. Nearly empty is even better in order to avoid dangerous combustible properties within an enclosed space.
  • We’ll pick up your motorcycle at your home. We also deliver it to your new home after the move.