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Moving Tips from Canada’s Expert Moving Company

Are you looking for a painless, easy move with no issues or interruptions? Our mission is simple: we want to make your relocation as hassle-free as possible by giving you both great service and great moving advice.

With years in the Canadian moving industry, our movers have worked in all types of moving situations. There are many common factors to moving operations and when taken into account properly, your move will go flawlessly.

There are several things you can do yourself to ensure your move is smooth and simple. Take a look at our packing tips and moving checklist to streamline your move.

Our moving FAQ section will be especially helpful if you’re preparing for your first move. This checklist will also serve as a great reminder of what’s next—before, during and after your move. Share our moving tips with family and friends, and spare them from the common pitfalls that come with relocating homes or offices.
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Moving Advice for a Local Move

At BC Alberta Movers, local moving is always done on an hourly basis. So ensuring that your move is the most efficient and streamlined process is critical. Our movers are hardworking and diligent and our top priority is the safety of your furniture. Many customers have asked over the years how they can make a move go quickly to avoid paying for unnecessary services. The list below has some key moving tips to help you prepare for your local move.
Move your car out of the driveway before the movers arrive. Even if moving your car when the movers arrive sounds quick, doing it beforehand can save time and help direct everyone’s energy to completing a quick move.

If you have children or pets in your home, see about making a playdate at a friend’s place or keeping the pet in a separate room from where the movers will be working. Kids and pets can be curious and when underfoot of the movers, they can slow down the moving process.

We carry all tools and equipment on our moving trucks. However, if you have the tools and are able to do some dismantling of your furnishings, this is where you are going to save the most time. Take apart bed frames, kitchen tables and any furniture that was assembled inside your home to ensure it can exit your building quickly and easily.

Make sure that you pack boxes as full as possible. Having numerous small, loose items will necessitate more trips from your home to the moving truck.

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