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Moving Plants to Your New Home


Plan to take the Plants to your New Location


Although our company doesn’t move live houseplants to your new home due to a number of reasons such as our trucks are not heated, and we don’t have packaging for them we do want you to move them safely into your new home.
Here are a few points that may help them get there safe and sound.

1.If you're moving across town, simply pack your plants in open boxes. Be sure to cushion the sides of the pots with newspaper. Then put the plants in the car and head to your new house.

2. For taller plants, pack sphagnum moss into the top of each pot. Wrap each pot with plastic and tie it with string or tape. Then you can tip the plant on its side in the car without losing all the potting mix and making a mess.

3. If you're moving in the winter, wrap plants with newspaper before loading them. Even a few seconds of exposure to extreme cold will injure them. If your garage is connected to your house, load your plants while the car is in the garage.

4. Traveling long distances with plants in a car is tricky. It can be especially challenging if you're making several overnight stops along the way. If you insist on doing it, treat your plants as you would your pets: Don't let them get too hot or too cold. If you leave them in the car for more than an hour, leave the windows in the car open slightly, and make sure they get enough water.

5. You can arrange to have plants shipped by land or air. Shipping can be expensive, however, and there are no guarantees. If you're moving a long distance, pick out three of your favorite plants and move them however you choose, then have a plant sale for the rest and use the money to buy new plants for your new house.