9 Asking Friends help it Woth it???

It’s a week before you’re set to move out of your place. Your things are beginning to get packed up. You’re wondering how you’ve accumulated so much more stuff since you moved in. Nice stuff, like that 50-inch Plasma flat screen TV that you spent four or five months saving for. Or the $800.00 Sofa you bought only the month before…

Let’s face it: you've got a lot of stuff. And you’re weighing whether to bite the bullet and hire professional Movers to make sure that stuff makes it to its final destination in one piece, or to take a gamble of asking your buddy to help you out.

Phone Conversation

It’s a phone call no one likes to make. While it’s nice to have friends that will save you a few bucks on hiring a moving company, there are many cons to consider than just making a request. Here are just a few that might put the dilemma in perspective…

•Time: Of course, even the best of friends won’t be stoked about giving up their Saturday to get sweaty and exhausted moving your stuff out of your place, into the back of a truck, fumbling over tie-downs and bungee cords, driving across town, moving all the stuff in, then turning around to do it again. And again. Until it’s done. If it’s your friend, you’re putting them in a tight spot. How can they say no? But do you really want to put that on them?

•Debt: Regardless of how the move goes, you will end up owing your friend a HUGE favor, which can be called for collection at any time. Hey, you did it to them. Had a golf game planned? Too bad—it’s time to pay up. Need more than one friend to pull off your move? You just signed up for at least two more moves.

•Health and safety: What if your friend pulls something, throws out his or her back? Are you going to pay for the chiropractor or the missed wages from missing a few days of work because of it? How would you feel about being responsible for your buddy’s pain and suffering? It may sound dramatic, but it happens.

•Judgment: Sure, if they’re your friends, they’ve probably seen you at the top and bottom of your game. But do you really want them to see you get stressed out, flustered, or that you haven’t cleaned under your bed for months? Friendships are most tested in stressful situations.

•Costs: There are plenty of costs associated with all the little extras when not going for the professional moving company and opting to rent a truck instead: blankets, mileage charges, dolly rentals, tie-downs, shrink wrap—not to mention food and drink for your friends. These can add up real quick. Not to mention, do you feel comfortable driving the truck?

•Time, again: It’s common in our business for clients to underestimate the time it takes to prepare and actually complete a move. If you’re opting to rent a truck, are you confident that you can get it done—and get the truck back—in time? If not, are you sure the truck, or your friends, are even available the next day? To say that it’s hard to anticipate what will happen on moving day is the understatement to top all understatements.

•Damage: More damage occurs during moves with untrained professionals. Not to just your furnishings; think about your home, the doorways, the hallways, the hardwood floors. Haven’t gotten your deposit back yet? You want it all back, without deductions for scrapes and dents right? Of course you do. But more damage occurs to homes than furnishings. If your friends are sacrificing their time to help you, can you really hold them accountable for any accidents that occur? The average wood floor or linoleum damage rings in at about $1,000. That $500 you thought you were saving by not hiring professionals is quickly lost, and then some. How will that affect your friendship?

Of course, some of these scenarios are the worst-case, but they happen, whether we want to believe it or not. So consider the above before soliciting your friends for your next move. The staff at Calgary Alberta Movers carry out successful, stress-free moves every day.

So, before you make that awkward phone call to your best buddies, give your friends at Calgary Alberta Movers a toll-free ring at 1-800-599-2622 or visit to see how we can make your move as stress-free as possible.