New Years Moving Resolution:

We have put together some ideas to ease up your worries and let our company take care of your worries. 
If you're planning on moving you're already making a fresh start, so why not keep up the momentum with a few more personal goals for 2014? Now that the new year is upon us, you have all the more reason to make some moving resolutions.
You are probably familiar with some of the more common resolutions, among them, trying to eat better, mitigating debt and volunteering more. These kinds of goals can also be translated into the process of moving, giving yourself a great start for a new year. Here are some New Year's goals you can make on your way to your new home.
Recycle more
This common resolution is all about making a life change. As you pack for your new home, keep in mind that moving is an opportunity to make a new life for yourself. Get rid of unnecessary material goods or items that carry little sentimental value. Instead of taking your trash to the dump, however, donate it or give it away to people who may see it as treasure. You may not want your old coat or a worn chair, but maybe there is a family that does.
Conversely, if there is something your new house needs, don't buy new. Visit thrift stores or antique shops and furnish your new place with vintage, rustic and secondhand goods. With a little effort, you can find perfectly good items at decent prices.
Save yourself some money
Instead of paying for movers, give yourself a couple of extra days and pack up boxes yourself. You may be exhausted by the end of your move, but you may make significant savings. If you havn’t got the time or energy though we would be happy to provide this service to you.
Manage pre-moving stress
When you're planning to move, you'll no doubt have an extensive list of tasks to complete. A number of these - such as registering your car in a new state, changing your bank and notifying the post office of your address change- can easily fall to the bottom of your list, only to cause you stress later on. The last thing you want to deal with when navigating a new town is a number of bureaucratic errands. Before moving update your address and map out important offices in your new town, including store locations, post offices and nearby banks. Set aside an afternoon once you've moved to visit these places and take care of business.
Manage post-moving stress
There is no shortage of stressors once you've moved. One of the more subtly irksome aspects of a move is a home that's not fully unpacked. Having boxes everywhere not only makes your new place feel more like a storage facility, it also means you have to spend time digging through boxes for things you need. Set aside a weekend to do all of your unpacking. You'll be happier for it once you're done. 
Eat healthier meals
If you're trying to make some positive changes in your diet, unpack your kitchen as soon as possible. Don't rely on fast food and microwave meals to get you through the first weeks of a new town. Cook healthy and often. See our energy drink recipe in this newsletter and more in the new year.
Volunteer more
Many people hope to get more involved with their community in the new year. Volunteering is also a great way for recent movers to feel better connected to their new community. Soup kitchens and food drives are also a great place to meet like-minded people.
Take a vacation
Once you've moved, make sure you explore your new home. Spend your first few weekends taking trips to nearby locales outside your neighborhood. Go to local favorites off the beaten path as well as main cultural hubs. Make a day trip out of it.

New Years Moving Resolution